The Watch is On!

March 1, 2017 by Mary Hosier

Gardeners across the continent are keeping a close eye on their Test Gardens.

Mrs. Bloomfield’s first grade class reports that our tulips have emerged! By Patsy Bowen in Independence, Kansas on February 22.

The watch is on! Students are out checking their gardens and watching for the first signs of spring’s progress. How will cooler than average temperatures in the northwest and warmer than average temperatures in eastern North America affect when tulips will emerge and bloom?

“We can’t believe that they emerged this early we think this is because the whether has been really warm.” Plymouth, Massachusetts on February 27.

“Even though we had an unexpected snow this morning we found lots of tulips sticking their heads up and being brave.” 
Wilkeson, Washington on February 23.

Emerging in Canada
Until this week, the most northern location for emerging gardens was Washington state. Can you find the Canadian garden emerging above 44°N latitude in the Midwest?

“Class went on a 10 minute walk of our grounds looking for early signs of spring. We saw trees in bud, the beginnings of green grass and plants starting to sprout. Our last stop was at our Journey North Tulip bed. We were excited to see that the first of our bulbs was beginning to emerge.” Kingston, Ontario on February 28.

Blooming in Texas
Did you predict that gardens in Texas would be first to bloom? Where will they bloom next?

“Two of our tulips bloomed over the President’s Day weekend!” Humble, Texas on February 19.