A Pattern in Progress

February 15, 2017 by Mary Hosier

Do you see a pattern for emerging Test Gardens? Watch carefully and predict which gardens will be next.

“At first we didn’t notice, but then when we got close, we definitely could see the stems pushing up from the bottom leaf of some of the tulips today.” Largo, Florida 02/15/17 Lorraine Stargel

From Florida to Utah Red Emperor tulip leaves are pushing out of the soil this week. Do you see a pattern for emerging Test Gardens?

“This is pretty early for this part of Utah, but it’s also been a warm winter lately.” Kaysville, Utah 02/09/17 

“We have had very unusual weather for the Middle Tennessee area. One tulip has emerged 3 inches. Hope it doesn’t freeze in the upcoming cold.”  Franklin, Tennessee  02/09/17 

“Oh no…we have noticed that the bunnies are enjoying the tender leaves of our tulips. “ Largo, Florida 02/15/17