Nesting Season Underway
April 12, 2017 by Rita Welch

Where do robins build their nests and what signs of nesting can you see?

American Robin Migration

Amy Evoniuk

Breeding Season Across North America
Robins are now singing to proclaim the beginning of the breeding season in Haines, Alaska, Edmonton, Manitoba, and La Conception, Quebec.

Observers in Interior Alaska are still waiting for robins to arrive. "A picture is worth 1,000 words," reported James Moore from North Pole, Alaska.

Nest Facts and FAQ's
At this time of year people wonder...

Q. Can I move and relocate a robin's nest?

Q. Will a robin reuse the same nest from last year?

Q. Will the male robin take over the nest if the mother cannot?

North Pole, Alaska still waiting for migrating robins.
Still Waiting
Robin Nest and Egg FAQs
Nest Facts and FAQ's
Jim Gilbert
Explore: Where Do Robins Build Their Nests?

Look at your outdoor spaces with the eyes of a robin choosing a place to build a nest. What places have all the features a female robin looks for as she chooses a nesting site?

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