Tracking American Robins


Spring Migration Is Here

Stay vigilant for American Robins during spring migration and report your observations. Explore Journey North maps to learn where American Robins are being observed.

What to Report

  • First Robin: Report the first American Robin you observe. These observations reveal the leading edge of the migration. Report under the category: Robin (First SEEN)
  • Waves of Robins: A wave is three or more robins. Report under the category: Robin (WAVE seen)
  • First Singing Robin: Report the first robin you hear singing. Male robins sing when they arrive to their breeding territory. Report under the category: Robin (First HEARD singing)
  • Nesting Behaviors: Watch for signs such as the male or female flying with nest materials, or the female with mud on breast. Both gather nest materials but usually only the female builds. Report under the category: Robin (Nesting Behavior)
  • Other Observations: Report observations such as courtship and territorial behavior. Report under the category: Robin (OTHER Observations)

Migration News Spring 2022

Watch the season’s story unfold.