November: Preparing for Winter

November 5, 2020 by Team Journey North

During November migration is well underway – and it never really ends.

“Over an inch of heavy wet snow overnight greeted a flock of robins this morning. It is melting as they hang out in and near this crabapple tree where some fast food is available.” Photo: Linda (Melbourne, IA; 10/18/2020)

November is Here

During November migration is well underway – and it never really ends. Robins are on the move throughout autumn, winter, and early spring. Winter robins are social and travel in flocks, relying on one another to find food and watch for predators. Robins now spend more time in trees than on the ground. Fluffing out their down feathers keeps them warm in cold temperatures.

Susan in McCook, NE: “This is the most robins we have seen together all season. They were at our water pots that we put out for the birds to drink or bath in.” (11/03/2020)

Patty in Ansonia, CT: “I saw about a dozen robins all day long eating the red berries on our tree in the front yard. Enjoyed watching them.” (11/03/2020)

Keep Observing and Reporting 

Watch migration unfold and report your robin sightings. Don’t forget to share photos!