End of the Migration Trail

May 15, 2019 by Team Journey North

This is our last Spring 2019 News Update. Thank you for helping us to track the spring migration of the American Robin. Keep reporting during the summer.

“Seeing a beautiful American Robin sitting in a flowering crabapple tree just says SPRING!” Photo by: Pat (05/08/2019; Broken Arrow, OK)

A Busy Past Three Weeks

The American Robin has been busy these past three weeks.

Robins continue to migrate northward, establish territory, build nests, and rear their first clutch of eggs.

Robins Continue To Arrive In Alaska 

From Delta Junction, AK: Christy “Just heard a robin singing at dusk.” (04/29/2019)

From Shageluk, AK: Joyanne exclaimed, “He’s got the brightest colors against that snow on a sunny day! Welcome to Shageluk Gonondadoy!” (04/28/2019)

Innovative Nest Builders

From Lethbridge, ABKen “noticed a pair of Robins building a nest in a nesting platform…They would add material, then get into the nest and move around in it, almost like checking it out for fit and comfort…” (05/05/2019)

From Altura, MN: Carla spotted a Robin “using pieces of a blue tarp for strength and decor.” (05/02/2019) more…

Beautiful Blue Eggs

From Manhattan, IL: Judy observed, “The robins built the nest on the top of my wreath on the side wall of my porch….Other than being right by my door it’s a good spot…safe from predators.” (05/10/2019) more…

Fledglings Sighted! 

From Warren, MIPat observed, “I had noticed a robin on the ground digging for night crawlers when I saw some movement up above in a crabapple tree. It happened to be another robin feeding three babies!…” (05/08/2019)

Keep Watching and Reporting

Thanks to all our citizen scientists.You helped us track the American Robin’s journey north. Get set for a summer of robin-watching! 

Please continue to report nesting and other interesting Robin behaviors to Journey North.