Robins on the Move

February 19, 2021 by Team Journey North

Spring is just over a month away! Report your observations of American Robins and help document where they are present this time of year.

“They [American Robins] have been here several days during the cold snap.” Photo by: M. Chris (Springfield, MO; 02/13/2021)

Harbingers of Spring

Some American Robins migrate while others remain in place throughout the winter months. For many people, American Robins are harbingers of spring. In mid-February, their presence gives hope for the return of spring across North America.

A Welcome Sight

Even with cold weather blanketing much of North America, more Journey North citizen scientists are reporting observations of American Robins as the days slowly get longer and migration picks up.

Loraine in Norman, OK: “Observed several flocks of robins in our area. Trying to stay warm amid back to back snow storms and temperatures below zero.” (02/14/2021)

Rajinder in Beacon, NY: “I saw four American Robins on a tree in my yard.” (02/16/2021)

And some American Robins are being observed as far north as Alaska:

Linda in Anchorage, AK: “We saw 3 robins perched on our mountain ash tree, feeding on mountain ash berries, amid a flock of Bohemian waxwings. This is the earliest we can remember seeing robins in our neighborhood.” (01/24/2021)

Help Track American Robins

Use the spring checklist to learn what to watch for this spring: first robins, first signing robins, waves of robins, first earthworms, and nesting behavior. And don’t forget to report to Journey North.