Symbolic Migration Update: November 16, 2012 Please Report
After sending your butterflies
Your symbolic monarchs arrive in Mexico and so do the real monarchs! Estela Romero greets schools across the Northern Hemisphere and shares some photographs from Angangueo, Mexico. View more amazing classroom butterflies in the Symbolic Art Gallery this week.

Image of the Week

Real Monarchs Arrive

News: Greetings from Estela Romero in Mexico
Imagine the Journey
Next week your symbolic butterflies will travel to the schools around the monarch sanctuaries. Many of the mountain roads are small, bumpy, and windy. The children receiving the butterflies are waiting anxiously.

Estela Romero sends her greetings and asks for help naming the new little VW carrying all the butterflies.

Ready to go!

Ready to Roll
2012 Symbolic Butterfly Gallery: Part 2
"No two butterflies are alike!" exclaimed one Journey North worker. It is true! This year's symbolic butterflies are amazing works of art. Visit the Symbolic Butterfly Gallery: Part 2.
butterfly butterfly butterfly!
butterfly butterfly! butterfly
Map: Who's Sending Butterflies?
There's still time to report and add to the map. New reports are added daily. Make sure your classroom has made its mark!

What messages can you find behind each classroom's dot on the map?

Symbolic Butterfly Map
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List of Classroom Ambassadors: Coming Soon
Watch for the list of Classroom Ambassadors coming December 7, 2012.