Summer Solstice Is a Month Away

May 19, 2023 by Team Journey North

Spring migration is coming to an end, breeding season is upon us, and we are one month away from the summer solstice. What seasonal changes have you been noticing? Please report your signs of spring to Journey North.

Photo: Amy in Newburgh, IN
“First spicebush butterfly of the season. It looks brand new.
It’s nectaring on an orange lantana.”

Signs of Spring

A splash of yellow here. A fleeting blur of blues and reds over there. Signs of spring are appearing everywhere across North America. What are you observing?

Chris in Belleville, ON: “Two male Rose Breasted Grosbeaks dropped in for a meal around 2:30 pm. They came back to the feeders a few more times that afternoon before moving on.” (05/09/2023)

Kenny in Richardson, TX: “First lightning bug of season.” (05/12/2023)

Lene in Morristown, NJ: “I saw my first Tiger Swalllowtails.” (05/13/2023)

Pat in Madison Heights, MI: “Today on May 17, 2023 at 10:45 a.m. I spotted this sweet Scarlet Tanager perched high on a branch of a 40ft. tree at the Red Oaks Nature Center in Madison Heights, MI. Temps were in the 40’s and the wind was blustery hence this poor tanager had to puff himself out to keep warm.” (05/17/2023)
Tilly in Sanford, MI: “Baby bunnies on Northwest Ridge…Happy spring, happy everything from the forest.” (05/17/2023)
Keith in Arcadia, WI: “This morning at 8:10 am my wife Jean saw a male indigo bunting flying low through our backyard! This was very exciting and almost unbelievable because we had not seen one here for about 10 years! Unfortunately it flew right through our yard. We are hoping it comes back!” (05/18/2023)

Thank You for Reporting to Journey North

Many thanks for sharing your phenology and migration observational reports with our Journey North community. We are grateful for your contributions. Enjoy the signs of the season around you!