Packing for Mexico

October 19, 2018 by Elizabeth Howard

Boxes of butterflies are piling up at Symbolic Migration headquarters in Georgia. They will be off to Mexico soon!

“We want to say *gracias* for taking care of our *monarcas*!” Clear Lake Elementary, Oxford, Michigan

Packing for the Trip

Boxes of butterflies arrived at Symbolic Migration headquarters in Georgia. With special care, each butterfly was recorded, packed, and boxed to be sent off to the Mexican sanctuary schools. The beautiful hand-made paper butterflies are carrying messages of friendship, goodwill, and conservation to students. They are on their way to Mexico!

Have a safe flight, monarchs!” said second graders from Del Mar Pines School in San Diego, California. 

What Happens Next?

  • t will take from November through February to deliver all of the butterflies.  
  • Estela must visit many schools to deliver bu

Estela Romero is greeting the butterflies as they arrive and her school visits will begin right away. It will take from November through February to deliver all of the butterflies.

Life in Mexico: Estela will take pictures of the children, teachers, schools, and communities who share their winter homes with the monarch. She will write about life in the monarch sanctuary region.

Your butterfly: Your can watch for your own butterfly to be delivered. We will post pictures of the students holding the butterflies they receive.

Please be patient. Estela must visit many schools to deliver butterflies from 1,100 Canadian and US classrooms.

Join the Community

While the monarchs are in Mexico, build a sense of community with classrooms across North America.


The Symbolic Migration is a partnership project between Journey North and Monarchs Across Georgia, a committee of The Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia.