Send a Monarch to Mexico


The participation deadline for 2018-2019 project was October 12, 2018.

Please join us next year.


About the Symbolic Migration 2018-2019

In fall 2018 students across the globe created symbolic monarch butterflies to send to Mexico. Children who live beside the monarchs’ winter sanctuaries in Mexico protect the paper butterflies and return them in the spring. Through the Symbolic Migration, children are united by the monarch butterfly and celebrate its spectacular migration. They learn authentic lessons of conservation and international cooperation.

About the Symbolic Migration

The symbolic butterflies’ fall flight is timed to correspond with the real monarchs’ journey south. As the eastern population of North American monarchs are arriving in Mexico for the winter, students from the sanctuary region receive their symbolic butterflies. Sometime in March when the real monarchs’ departure from Mexico is announced, the paper butterflies return north carrying special messages from the students in Mexico.

Join the Celebration!

The annual migration of millions of monarchs across North America is among the world’s most spectacular natural events. Countries across the globe must cooperate to protect the monarch butterfly. Your participation represents international support for the monarch.

Note that the participation deadline is in October each year.

The Symbolic Migration is a partnership project between the 501(C) (3) organizations, Journey North and Monarchs Across Georgia, a committee of The Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia.

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