Almost 1000 Ambassadors Delivered

February 3, 2023 by Team Journey North

The Symbolic Migration project is winding down for the 2022- 2023 academic year. 975 Ambassadors delivered.

From Canada to Mexico. Photo: Estela Romero (02/03/2023)


The 2022-23 season of the Symbolic Migration is winding down. Over the next few weeks, the remaining Ambassadors will land in the hands of students at Mexican schools as real-life monarchs complete their winter stay in the sanctuaries.

To date, nearly 975 Ambassadors from classrooms, families, and groups across Canada and the USA have been distributed! Delivery will continue this month. To find out where your specific Ambassador has landed, please use the “Search” function at the top of Estela Romero’s blog home page. You can enter your town or school/ group name in the field provided. (See instructions)

What’s next? I’ll be in Mexico with Ms. Romero this month. I will collect all the letters completed by students as part of their environmental lessons. Ms. Romero described the environmental lessons with these words: “This season, our conservation class focused on moths, fascinating nocturnal creatures that reside in the Oyamel fir forests alongside the monarchs. We tend to distrust animals and insects that live in the darkness. However, moths are as beautiful and as defenseless and vital as any other animal. The students are learning all about these fascinating creatures.”

When I return to the USA, our volunteers in Georgia will package a letter along with a cluster of assorted life-sized butterflies for each participating group. Every Ambassador sent will receive an envelope in return.

This year, we aim to have every “Spring Return Envelope” mailed by the end of March.

Watch your Inbox for updates and your mailbox for the envelope!


Susan Meyers
Monarchs Across Georgia Committee

Environmental Education Alliance

The Symbolic Migration project is a partnership project between Journey North, a program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, and Monarchs Across Georgia, a committee of The Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia, a 501(c) (3) organization Journey North manages the interactive Symbolic Migration Participant Maps and hosts all educational materials on the Journey North website. Monarchs Across Georgia administers the program and is responsible for all fundraising.