Symbolic Migration Project Ends for 2022-23 Academic Season

April 11, 2023 by Team Journey North

Thank you for participating in this year's Symbolic Migration Project and following along with the project happenings. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Paper monarchs decorated with care.
Photo: Jennifer Mitchell, Youth and Community Education Coordinator
UW-Madison Arboretum

Dear Symbolic Migration Project Participants,

All Spring Return Envelopes were mailed to participating groups by March 22, 2023. Most envelopes were sent with First Class postage, which does not have tracking through USPS. Multiple envelopes to the same address or bulky envelopes were mailed using Priority or Package Rate, which does provide a tracking number but, of course, at a much high cost.

If you have not received your envelope at this time, please contact us at

Your envelope contains an end-of-the-season letter, a letter completed by a student in Mexico during the environmental lesson facilitated by Ms. Romero, and a cluster of life-sized butterflies (ideally the number that you sent us in the Fall).

Your next task is to contact the leaders through the email address on each life-sized butterfly so that every participant will know where their butterfly returned. We realize that this may not be possible in all cases. Some life-sized butterflies may have not provided an email for contact, while others may have illegible handwriting. We encourage leaders to use the template that we provide and pre-print this information before allowing students to color and write their first names.

We thank everyone for making the time to participate in the Symbolic Monarch Migration project this season and hope that you will join us again next season. Updates to our Leader Packet will be available in late summer with a postmark deadline of October 20, 2023.

Wishing you a season full of real monarchs!

Susan Meyers
Monarchs Across Georgia Committee

Environmental Education Alliance


The Symbolic Migration project is a partnership project between Journey North, a program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, and Monarchs Across Georgia, a committee of The Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia, a 501(c) (3) organization. Journey North manages the interactive Symbolic Migration Participant Maps and hosts all educational materials on the Journey North website. Monarchs Across Georgia administers the program and is responsible for all fundraising.

[submitted 03/29/2023]