How to Register and Map Your Participating School, Center, Home


Journey North Registration Process

Step #1: Registration

If you are not already registered with Journey North, you will need to set up an account.

—To register, go to: You will need to use your email and create a password. Please keep track of your password for later logins.

—With registration, you are automatically subscribed to Journey North migration news updates (

—In addition, you will be able to login and contribute migration observations and place your school, girl scout troop or other club on the Journey North Symbolic Migration interactive map.

Step #2: Login to Sightings Database

To record the participation of your school, girl scout troop or other club on the Journey North Symbolic Migration interactive map, you will need to login to the Journey North Sightings Database.

—Go to: and use your email and password to login.

—After successfully logging-in, your name should appear. Now you are ready to enter the database.

—For the Symbolic Migration Project, go to the Select Species or Event field and select Symbolic Monarch Participant in the drop-down menu.

making a report

Step #3: Make a Sightings Report

You can now report your school’s or club’s participation which Journey North calls a Sightings report.

—Pinpoint your school or club on the map either by entering the street address or by moving the red location pin on the map.

—Enter today’s date.

—Upload ONE photo. You can only upload one photograph per school. Photos much be formatted as JPGs.

—Special instructions for schools with multiple participating classrooms — you can create one photo collage of all classroom ambassadors. Please make sure that the photo includes the name of the school and the contact for that participating school. You can not submit more than one photo per school. Only one photo per participating school. 

—In the Comments field you can list each participating classroom with teacher names. A few words about your school is always fun.

making a report