Symbolic Migration-Family Letter

Dear Families,

In a unique partnership, this fall our class is joining students and scientists across North America to track the monarch butterfly’s migration to Mexico. As the migration progresses from September to November, students will learn about migration mysteries. They’ll discover that a fragile butterfly can travel hundreds of miles to find its winter home deep in central Mexico. Students will witness how monarchs connect people across North America as they migrate across international borders.

This fall, our class will also make and send a Symbolic Ambassador Monarch to the children who live near the monarch’s overwintering sanctuaries  in Mexico. We hope that our Symbolic Ambassador Monarch will build bridges of communication between youth across North America. These Symbolic Monarchs will truly serve as ambassadors, representing our shared love of monarch butterflies and shared interest in protecting monarchs.

    We hope you join the fun and learn along side your child about the incredible journey of the monarch.  

    Thank you,

    Team Journey North and Monarchs Across Georgia