How to Make a Journey North Booklet

A hands-on, easy entry point to Journey North, these printable nonfiction booklets provide foundational background information at a simplified reading level. They're designed to help build reading skills and support standards. Just download, print and assemble the booklet of your choice. Put it into kids' hands or share as a read-aloud. Use these booklets as simple catalysts to discover the rich resources on the Journey North Web site. You can also set up the matching slide shows on computers, project them for the entire class, or print them out.

Assembling the printable "PDF" booklets is easy to do. Try making them with your students as an exercise in listening and following directions.

Materials: photocopy paper, stapler

  1. Photocopy all pages of the booklet. (Each page must be on its own single sheet of paper; no two-sided copying.)
  2. Assemble as shown below.
Step 1:
Fold the cover page in half (line up the corners carefully). Put aside.
Step 2:
bookletHowto_03 Each page that goes inside the cover will be folded from right to left, so the fold line is at the right side and the loose edges are to the left. (These pages always stay folded and are never cut in two.)
Step 3:
Fold the remaining booklet pages in half and stack them in order with the folded edge on the right. Regardless of the number of pages in your booklet, the odd numbered pages should be stacked sequentially.
Step 4:
Insert the stacked pages into the folded cover page, making sure the loose edges are tucked into the fold of the cover.
Step 5:
Square up the pages. Tuck the inner pages into the fold as tightly as possible. Staple 3 times along the left vertical edge of the cover page as close to the fold as possible while going through all the layers.