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Countdown to Migration: September 22, 2006

Chick Chat: All Chicks Now in One Group!
The past week brought a big step forward. After a few tries, the oldest cohort has now joined with the rest of the chicks. All are now living at one pen site. Until several days have passed, a fence keeps the oldest 8 birds apart from the others. (The youngest chicks are so bossy and aggressive that the oldest birds could face hassles.)

Cohorts 2 and 3 now flying together! Click the photo for more.
Photo Heather Ray

But after several days of no-training weather, the chicks are a little off their game. The pilots want a couple more weeks of training with the chicks, so the target date for migration has been changed. The soonest they will leave is October 5. As for the First Family, one of the chicks has gone missing. Click here to see the two newest pages in the First Family’s story.

Update Your Training Timeline
You can add “all three cohorts together” to your own timeline for the newest members of the Eastern flock. See milestones and key events (with links to the latest photo stories):

Meet the Flock: Getting to Know the Cranes
We update the chick’s stories after talking with the pilots and trainers. Last Monday, two chicks refused to follow the ultralight to join the rest of this year’s flock. Click to see if your favorite chick was one of them:
Crane Quiz #3
While you're on the biography pages, look for some answers to three new questions at the link below. Dig into Crane Quiz #3 as you meet the flock:

This Week's Booklet to Build Background Knowledge: "Off to Flight School"
Build background about the chicks' arrival in Wisconsin and the start of flight school with this week's booklet. What happens in flight school? Why are the chicks shipped all the way to Wisconsin from their birthplace in Maryland? What are two reasons why they must arrive in Wisconsin before they learn to fly? Find answers in the third booklet of our pre-migration series of six titles. Plan on another booklet each week as a great way to build background for the coming migration. Each booklet comes in PDF format ready to print, fold, and enjoy. Each comes with a Teacher Guide and also a booklet slide-show format to view on the Web:

Students MOBIL-ize the Migration: Gas Money for the Cranes

Students at Kennedy Montessori School in Louisville, Kentucky are in high gear. They have an idea to help fill the gas tanks of the ultralight planes. How? They wrote letters and folded paper cranes and mailed them to the leader of ExxonMobil. They chose ExxonMobil because this corporation has what it takes—gasoline—to get the crane-kids to Florida. We share photos of these terrific students and their work in the hopes that classrooms everywhere will quickly add their own letters and paper cranes. Can everyone working together convince EXXON to MOBIL-ize the migration? Find details here.

Countdown to Migration: Posted
Every Friday
E-mail Summaries are posted to registered participants on FRIDAYS: Sep 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; Oct 6, 13, 20, 27; Nov. 3, 10, 17. . .or until this year's newest Eastern whooper chicks reach their winter home in Florida!

Pre-migration: Each Friday, a brief e-mail notice gives current newsy tidbits and announces a downloadable booklet for building background.

During migration: When migration begins (target date has now been moved back to October 5 or later), the Friday e-mails will summarize the DAILY Highlight Updates that were posted daily on the Web during the week.
You'll want to go to the Web for the latest maps, facts, photos, and fun)

See You Next Friday, September 29!

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).

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