Countdown to Migration: September 25, 2009

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Photo Cindy Loken
This is a Whooping crane display wing. Why do you think the feathers of the wing tip are different from the other feathers? >>

Orientation & Welcome to New Participants >>

Chick Chat: A Slow Week in Camp Three Photos >>

Fall is here. The weather is changing. After training for 19 straight days, the chicks have not flown since Crane Fest on Sep. 19. (See photos >>) "Cohorts 2 and 3 spent the night together for the first time Sep. 20," reports Bev, "and all came through beautifully." That means 924 left 919 alone and 914 did not hassle 925. Good!

When the team let the birds out Sep. 16 for some exercise, the 12 younger birds "flew and flew, even disappearing from sight at one point," said Bev. "The 9 older birds in cohort one were too busy playing to bother flying much." When will they all combine? Stay tuned!

Click to see the chicks LIVE on the NEW Operation Migration CraneCam! >>

Morning training is usually sometime between 7 and 8 a.m. in Wisconsin.

Video Clip: A Closer Look

This slow-motion video shows crane chicks in flight. Observe their wings and the primary feathers. What do you notice? Look up primary feathers in our glossary. Click on the photo at the very top of this page to read more about the feathers.

What have you discovered that you didn't know before? Share it with friends or family.

Observe the cranes in slow-motion flight!
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Meet the Flock: Crane Quiz #4 Print the Quiz >>

The chicks grow and change each week, and our bio pages are freshly updated as the Team shares new stories and facts. Here's the latest:

  • Meet the Hatch Year 2009 Chicks >>

While you're on these bio pages, look for answers to our fourth Crane Quiz on the Class of 2009. How will you do?

(The quiz page includes a link to answers.)

Photo Bev Paulan, Operation Migration

Answer this week's quiz question #2 and you'll know which chick loves to swim!

Booklet: "Life at Camp O.M." Teacher Guide >>

Two weeks remain until migration! What important lessons are the chicks learning in flight school at Wisconsin's Camp O.M.? (O.M. stands for Operation Migration and the team of experts who lead these cranes south.) Do the chicks get report cards for their lessons? They are now old enough to be called something other than chicks. What is it?

Find answers in the fourth booklet of our pre-migration series of six titles. View each booklet as a Web slide show or choose.pdf format ready to ready to download, print, fold, and enjoy.

This week's booklet! >>
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Change4Cranes: Fun Fundraiser 

The folks at Operation Migration, who conduct the chicks' fall ultralight-led migration that we share on Journey North, still have some Change4Cranes kits for you. The coins you collect go to O.M. to help pay the costs of this historic migration. Get your kit before they're gone: >>

Free Operation Migration Change4Cranes Kit >>

Training Timeline: Red-letter Dates Timeline Events >>

On what date were Cohorts 2 and 3 left together in the same pen (with no divider at night) for the first time? Have the oldest birds of Cohort One joined the larger group yet? See milestones, links, and key events for the Class of 2009 here:

  • Key Timeline Events: Hatch Year 2009 >>
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What's the story behind this human-assisted migration? You might be surprised! >>
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