Whooping Cranes Advance in Illinois
Monday, October 15, 2012
Weekly Updates

This week our six young Whooping Cranes added another 55 miles, for a total of 175 miles gone in the first journey south—led by the ultralight airplane pilots of Operation Migration. They last flew on October 12, Migration Day 15. The long flight to LaSalle County in rough air caused pilot Richard to write, "After what seemed to take longer than the four days we spent at our last stopover site, we finally landed."

The cranes and planes remain in LaSalle County, Illinois, for the third day in a row, awaiting flying conditions that match what they need. Then they'll continue to learn their migration route through Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia to reach their wintering habitat at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) along Florida’s Gulf Coast. For now, today's photo shows several interesting activities taking place in the travel pen. How many can you find? What would you like to know?

When will the weather allow them to make more progress? See daily reports on Operation Migration's site, and explore Journey North's rich array of classroom materials throughout the migration. Monday, October 22, brings our next summary of the week's events.

Young Whooping cranes in their travel pen on migration
Image: Operation Migration


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