Whooping Cranes Still Stalled at Stopover #6
Monday, October 22, 2012
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Migration Day 25: Today is the tenth down-day at Stopover #6 in LaSalle County, IL. where the cranes and planes landed October 12. This the longest stretch of time the team has ever been held down at this Stopover. Either rain or strong winds out of the south have been the culprits. They're still stuck at 175 miles gone until the weather favors them. Keep fingers crossed!

On one especially windy day, the "chicks" showed they knew how to handle high winds. All six turned their faces into the wind, moved to the front of the pen, and stood in a huddle while the wind swirled past. Corn and pumpkins amuse them for now, but everyone is eager to move on. This year's finish line at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge is a total of 1101 air miles. All six of the Class of 2012 will spend winter there; none will continue this year to Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge (1285 air miles).

Livingston County is the next Illinois stop, 55 miles away. When will the weather let them leave? See daily reports on Operation Migration's site, and explore Journey North's rich array of classroom materials throughout the migration. Monday, October 29, is the next weekly summary.

Young Whooping Cranes in their travel pen with costumed handlers and role model plastic crane
Image: Operation Migration


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