Whooping Cranes

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Eva Szyszkosky


Eva Szyszkosky

Eva Szyszkosky
Useful Red Crowns How does this help? What is happening? All About Eyelids

Alan Murphy

Eva Szyszkosky

Eva Szyszkosky

How Do Cranes Eat Crabs?

Who's in Charge?

How Do Cranes Drink Water?

What is this?

Vickie Henderson

Jeannette Parker

Urette Hood

Cindy Loken
Preparing for migration? Is this a whooper? What's in the pocket? Wing-tip feathers

Eva Szyszkosky

Eva Szyszkosky

Heather Ray

Coyotes and Cranes

Why Give Treats?

Juveniles or Adults?

Cranes: How Big?
Bathing crane craneNecedah012
Crane mates dancing to reinforce their pair bond
Keeping Healthy Bathing Crane Meet Robo-Crane Pairs Dance: Why?
Ground School Training  Threat Posturing, Calling in Triumph
Dance Like the Cranes!

The Back Story Sweet Spot
Beginning Flights Observing Fligh Slow-motion Vocalizer