Eagle Adaptations and Human Inventions
The Match Game

The most important part of a human body is the brain, which allows us to solve a lot of problems and adapt to a lot of different environments. Let's think of some human inventions and how they help us do some of the things eagles can do because of their physical adaptations.

Directions: Match the eagle's needs with a human invention that allows us to do what eagles do naturally. (Print student worksheet.)

Eagle Need

Human Invention

1. See prey and enemies from a long distance A. Knife and fork
2. Sit on branches without falling off B. Oxygen tank
3. Rip open stiff, raw fish C. Hat, jacket, raincoat
4. Catch large fish D. Cars, buses, trains, or airplanes
5. Breathe at high altitudes E. Binoculars or telescope
6. Fly using little energy F. Antibiotics, cooking
7. Migrate long distances G. Tree house
8. Keep warm and dry in bad weather H. Hang glider
9. Eat decaying fish without getting sick I. Fishing pole and nets

National Science Education Standards

  • Each plant or animal has different structures that serve different functions in growth, survival, reproduction.
  • Living systems at all levels of organization demonstrate the complementary nature of structure and function.