Looking at the Fall Migration

Traveling hundreds of mile each fall, these migrating eagles complete an amazing journey. As lakes and rivers freeze in the north latitudes the Bald eagles begin their fall migration. How far south will they travel, and where will they go during the winter season? As you study fall migration consider these questions:

  • What habitat are they seeking each fall?
  • Where do they stop along the migration route?
  • Why do they return to the New York area?

Satellite transmitters (PTT's) give us a sneak peak at eagle migration - right from our classrooms.

Meet Bald Eagles U21, U25, U27, and S28
Let's study our 4 bald eagles. What can you learn about the eagles from their fall travels? Take a look!

Fall 2008 Eagle Migration
Meet the Eagles
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Try This!

Divide into groups. Print map, data and hand-outs for each group. Look closely at the map and data. Complete the handout and then challenge your group to answer these additional questions!

    Compare the Migrations!
  1. Where are the nest sites for each bird? (Look for many dots in one area.)Circle the area.
  2. Which eagle's nest was the furthest north?
  3. When did Eagle U25 leave its nest site to start the migration south? The others?
  4. Which eagle left earliest?
  5. During which dates did each eagle migrate the most quickly?
  6. How are the migrations of the four birds similar? How are they different?
  7. Summarize what this map tells you about bald eagle migration.
  8. Name one new question you have.

Compare the Fall 2008 migration with Fall 2007. Both years we tracked U21, U25, and U27. Show your comparison using a graphic organizer (table, Venn diagram, etc.). Share your research with your class.