Video Greeting from Eagle Eye Nye

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Hi Kids, I’m Pete Nye with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. And it’s a great opportunity to say hello to you live and on video here. We’ve been working with Journey North now with our bald eagle research since 1995. Many of you are probably new to the program but we hope that you’re enjoying following our research as we actually capture and track bald eagles that winter in New York state to their northern breeding grounds, usually in eastern Canada. It’s kind of an exciting project. We have about 6 bald eagles online now, I believe, and we’re hoping to get some good information from them.

The kind of study we’re involved with is trying to determine where these birds are coming from, if they come back to the same area year after year, and how important this area is in relation to their overall, year round ecology; are their breeding areas protected and things like that. So we’re learning a lot of new information and it’s nice to have you along with us while we study these birds.