Gray Whale Trade Books

Titles too good to miss: We welcome your suggestions to add to the list!

Adelina's Whales
By Richard Sobol. Dutton Children's Books, 2003.

Each January, the gray whales arrive in the lagoon near the home of ten-year-old Adelina Mayoral, who lives near Laguna San Ignacio in Mexico. This beautiful photo-essay captures the interaction between the whales and Adelina. We also learn important background about threats to this nursery lagoon from industrial saltworks.

Pipaluk and the Whales
By John Himmelman. Natonal Geographic Society, 2002
Nothing worked to save thousands of beluga whales trapped in a narrow opening in the Arctic ice until a young girl named Pipaluk had an idea. This touching picture book includes author's notes at the end of the book that tell of the true events that inspired this story. Cover of book: Pipaluk and the Whales
Whale Journey
By Vivian French. Zero to Ten Limited, 1998.

In her 50 years, Old Gray has traveled a distance equal to going to the moon and home again. What's in store for her baby, about to make his first migration? This timless picture book is for all ages, a fact-filled picture book and gripping tale about the life cycle of the gray whale.

By Robin Nelson. Lerner Publishing, 2011.

What does it mean to migrate? Detailed photographs and simple text guide primary readers to discover which animals migrate and why they migrate. Includes gray whales, and many other species.

Life Cycle of the Pacific Gray Whale
By John Klobas

Photos and illustrations accompany this story written to get children interested in nature, and adults will enjoy it too.

Whales: Touching the Mystery 
By Doug Thompson. NewSage Press, 2006.

A marine naturalist writes about whale natural history and what we can learn from the human/whale interactions that take place in the lagoons of Mexico.

Eye of the Whale 
By Dick Russell. Simon and Schuster, 2001.

Accounts the history and culture of the whale fishery as humans first nearly decimated and then protected the gray whale. Guides readers to a consciousness of the importance of the gray whale's struggle and survival in modern civilization. Middle and Upper grades and adults.