Learn About Gray Whales
Gray whale migration, month-by-month.
Baby Gray Whale Visiting a Gray Whale Nursery

How big is a gray whale? Slideshow, photo gallery and teaching suggestions

Annual Cycle Monumental Migration At the Nursery How Big?
Gray whale babies: Photo gallery Cover page for Tons of Fun: Babies in the Nursery Touching a Gray Whale

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Baby Gray Whales In the Nursery Lagoon Visit Life-size Poster
Gray whale slideshow: Navigating the Way cover of slideshow Gray Whale Surprise Scientists Photo Quiz: What gray whales do you see?
Navigating the Way On the Move
Surprising Scientists Quiz: Behaviors
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gray whale route map Baby Gray Whale Gray whales eat tiny foods that include amphipods and krill. What do gray whales eat?
Migration Route Order of Travel What Whales Eat Slits on the Head?
The arrow points to a mud circle on the water's surface by a gray whale Young gray whale swims near the ocean floor. Tail of young gray whale sticks out of the water as it dives and learns to "plow" food from the bottom. A herd of gray whales in Alaska: view from an airplane
What's This? Swimming Whale Bottom Feeders Heard of a Herd?
Poster advertising film "Big Miracle" Baby gray whale's mouth open, showing baleen and tongue A teenager touches the skin of a baby whale in Laguna Ojo de Liebre. This baby gray whale is 20-30 days old.
Big Miracle Happy Baby Feel the Skin How Young?
Baby Gray Whale
Baby Gray Whale
Baby Gray Whale
What are the Marks? What is This? Moms and Babies Sleeping Whale?
Baby Gray Whale Baby Gray Whale
Baby Gray Whale
Baby Gray Whale
Mammals Like Us Whale Antics
What do You See? What's Happening?
Baby Gray Whale Baby Gray Whale Bubble print on the ocean surface Baby Gray Whale
Young or Old? Photo ID Why Blow Bubbles? Baby Whale's Skin
Baby Gray Whale Baby Gray Whale Why is the water brown? Gray Whale Blow
Hitchhikers Why Do This? Why Brown Water? Heart-shaped Blow
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