Eating on the Equinox
Who's Having Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Right Now?

This satellite graphic depicts day and night on Earth at a moment in time. It's the spring equinox in the Nothern Hemisphere at 6:00 Universal Time. The sun is rising along the Prime Meridian, where you see a vertical line between darkness and light. At this time, some people in the world are eating breakfast while others are eating dinner. Some are about to wake up while others are about to go to sleep. Use the clues below to plot the 10 smiley faces in order from east to west.

Day and Night on Earth
Spring equinox in the Northern Hemipshere at 6:00 Universal Time

Here are your clues:
Use your mouse to slide the smiley faces onto the image.

"Please bring my breakfast," says Smiley #8. "I need my fuel for school."

"Our local sunrise came a little earlier" says says Smiley #5. "We'll be starting class soon!"

Some of us have been awake even longer than Smileys #8 and #5, including Smileys #6, #4, #2, and #10 (in order of who has been awake, from the shortest to the longest time).

"It won't be long and we'll be eating dinner soon, says Smiley #10." The same will be true for Smiley #2 just one hour later. "We finished lunch a little while ago," say Smiley #4. "We're still at the table!" adds Smiley #6.

Meanwhile please be quiet! We are still tucked in bed and have several more hours of sleep say Smileys #3, #7, #9 and #1. "We'll get up in that order because that's the same order in which we went to bed."