Latitude Shoes Travel Report
By MengMeng

When I traveled around the earth at my latitude, I saw green grass at certain places, I passed forests, deserts, and the four seas. I saw camels walking in the deserts, beautiful birds nesting in the forests, and villages here and there on the grassy plains. I saw fish, whales, dolphins, and sharks in the oceans. I also saw animals I have never seen, people from different countries, and very strange plants. I got a lot of gifts from the people, so there may be some improvements to my house. I went pretty fast. Not really fast, but it took me only ten minutes to cross the Pacific Ocean. It took me only five minutes to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

I was able to visit ten countries. I spent one hour at each country. I visited China, Egypt, France, Italy, Greece, India, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, and Russia.

I needed old clothes that didn't mind getting dirty. I brought a pair of sneakers and a pair of boots. I brought sweaters, shirts, pants, jeans, coats, and socks. Oh, I also brought pajamas.

The climate was not the same because there were mountains in some places to block the cool air. Also some places were more surrounded by water than other places. The trees and forests blocked the way too.