Latitude Shoes In the News
A Travel Report
By Michelle Yates

When I got my new latitude shoes, I was so exited! I tried them on as soon as possible, and I went on my exciting adventure. (Even though I know the Earth rotates counter-clockwise, I modified my shoes so I could travel the opposite direction, e.g. from west to east). Also, I do have some complaints: I think that six feet is not an ideal height, because trees are very tall so are buildings and houses; I felt guilty going into other people's property. If I could make some changes I would suggest being able to move out of the way just in case you run into a few obstacles.

I started my trip at Houston, Texas at latitude 30:00 degrees N. All the other places I visited were on the same latitude. On my trip, I saw the destruction in New Orleans; I smelled it too. In Florida, I saw trees and buildings. I was hoping to see Disney World, but it was two degrees south of me. I saw lots of water and quite a few boats. I should have brought my fishing pole because I was over water for so long! In Africa, I saw deserts from east to west; there weren't many people around. I saw the pyramids near Cairo; they were awesome! I crossed over the Nile River into Saudi Arabia. I went through some mountains in Iran. A few hours later, I went over the Himalayas, and it was cold. I went across China, the vast Pacific Ocean, through some of Mexico and safely back home.

In my journeys, I traveled about 21,600 miles. It took me 24 hours so I went 900 miles per hour. I went to fourteen countries if you include my home.

Packing my clothes was rather interesting, because I had to do some research to find out what the weather would be in all the places I was going to visit. I packed some short sleeves and sunscreen for the desert; some long sleeves, a heavy coat and an oxygen mask for the mountains - the air is really thin up there.

I think the latitude shoes are really cool! I would like to try the latitude line of 40 degrees N next time so I could see the Great Wall of China.