Ecotourism Safari
How Many Examples Can You Find?

These pictures were taken in the monarch butterfly overwintering region in Mexico. Look for examples of ecotourism, ways in which the local people are earning income from tourists who come to see the butterflies. How many examples can you find? For each example, explain how you think the butterflies are helping the people. Can you find ways people are helping the butterflies? Can you find ways people might be hurting the butterflies or their habitat? What is
Ecotourism001 Ecotourism002 Ecotourism003 Ecotourism004 Ecotourism005 Ecotourism006
Ecotourism007 Ecotourism008 Ecotourism009 Ecotourism010 Ecotourism011 Ecotourism012
Ecotourism013 Ecotourism014 Ecotourism015 Ecotourism016 Ecotourism017 Ecotourism018
Ecotourism019 Ecotourism020 Ecotourism021 Ecotourism022 Ecotourism023 Ecotourism024
Ecotourism025 Ecotourism026 Ecotourism027 Ecotourism028 Ecotourism029 Ecotourism030
Ecotourism031 Ecotourism032 Ecotourism033 Ecotourism034 Ecotourism035 Ecotourism036
Ecotourism037 ecotourism035 ecotourism035 ecotourism003 ecotourism036 ecotourism037
ecotourism035 ecotourism003 ecotourism044 ecotourism007 ecotourism001 ecotourism011
ElRosario0100 ecotourism012 ecotourism022 ElRosario0086 ElRosario0098 ElRosario0110
ecotourism030 ElRosario0100 ElRosario0118 chincua0087 ElRosario0071 ecotourism035
Dave Kust     Dr. Lincoln Brower, Sweet Briar College    

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