How Students are Helping Monarchs in Mexico
Students' contributions have helped protect the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries in Mexico in many ways. Saving the sanctuaries is a challenge because the people who live there depend on the forest for survival too, just like the monarchs. The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation (MBSF) is helping to protect and conserve the lands the monarchs need for winter survival. All student donations support the MBSF's important work.

As part of the 2008/2009 Symbolic Migration, 510 classrooms sent almost $10,000 for monarch conservation in Mexico through the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation (MBSF).

These three conservation stories are about work that the children's donations supported. The first project is scientific research. The other two projects help the people who live beside the monarch sanctuaries find new ways to live and work so they don't need to cut the trees in the monarch's forest.

What does this boy's love of monarchs have to do with kids in Canada and the United States? Read the conservation stories below.

Three Conservation Stories

For $2,800, scientists could have the satellite snapshot they needed. But time was short. The rainy season was coming and clouds would soon block the view. Funds from Journey North students came to the rescue and helped scientists collect strong evidence that the monarch forest in Mexico needs stronger protection.

Living With the Monarchs Becoming a Tour Guide

"You don't need to cut trees from the forest to meet basic needs. A family can grow enough to live well on just 2.5 acres," says the Mexican non-profit group, Alternare. Adobe bricks and wood-saving stoves are among their answers.

Guides at the monarch sanctuaries did not have easy access to information about monarch butterflies. Now, a book and training workshops by MBSF are preparing local people to be better tour guides and feel more confident doing their jobs.

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