Two Monarch Butterfly Populations
in North America

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There are two migratory populations of monarchs in North America.

There is much uncertainty about the exact distribution of these populations!

What follows is a generalized summary.

Eastern Monarchs (in red on map):
The bigger monarch population breeds east of the Rocky Mountains throughout much of the central and eastern U.S. and Canada
. They overwinter on 12 mountaintops Mexico. Most Journey North migration reports highlight sightings of these eastern monarchs.

Western Monarchs
(in yellow on map):
There are 200 to 300 small monarch colonies that winter within 5 miles of the Pacific Coast from Ensenada, Baja California (31.5 N latitude) to Marin County, California (38.1 N latitude). The breeding ground resources are not known, but are assumed to run from California north to Washington and across the Sierra Nevada to Nevada and other western states.

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