Name That Tune!

You can find out what's going on in the robins' world if you know what they are saying and singing. Listen up! These sound recordings will help you recognize six kinds of vocalizations made by robins.

All Recordings Courtesy of Lang Elliott Nature Sound Studio


Dawn Song

"Peek" and "Tut" calls


"Seeee" call

"Zeeup!" call

Each sound or call has its own meaning, according to Lang Elliott, an authority on bird vocalizations:

  • The robin's "true song" is a territorial declaration.
  • The robin's "dawn song" is another territorial declaration.
  • The "peek" and "tut" calls are heard in alarm situations.
  • The "whinny" is heard in mildly alarming situations.
  • The high-pitched "Seeeee" call is given in response to the presence of an aerial predator.
  • The "Zeeeup" call is a contact note heard mainly during migration.

To learn more about the meanings of robin vocalizations, see:

Can You Name the Tune? Try it!
Here are the same six vocalizations again, in scrambled order. Write down the numbers, then listen to the recordings and identify each.







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