Monarch Math:
Carrying Funds for
Conservation Work

Monarch butterflies need a safe wintering habitat for their survival. Each year Journey North students generously do their part to support efforts to conserve this habitat. This contribution, sent along with their paper butterflies, "migrates" south to the sanctuary region in Mexico. The money funds programs to help address the needs of monarchs — and the needs of the people who own the land where the butterflies overwinter.

How Much does Each Paper Butterfly Carry?
Sharpen your pencils and try this math challenge:
In the fall of 2006, 65,565 symbolic monarchs were sent to Mexico.
The students collected a total of $13,924 (U.S. dollars) for Monarch conservation work.

    If each paper butterfly carried an equal amount of conservation money to Mexico how much would each of the 65,565 butterflies carry?

How much did each butterfly carry to Mexico?
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