Making Tulip Books
Creative Assessment for Elementary Students

Laura Dwyer, 1st Grade teacher at Alton Central School in Alton, NH, and her students are publishing their own tulip assessment books. Each student created a permanent record of this year’s tulip project complete with labels, drawings, measurements and photographs. The books took two 45-minute class periods to complete.
Here's how they did it.

Making the Books - Laura Dwyer shares:

In preparation I typed up eight labels for each child (see below).

Page Label

Click to view Shelby's entire book full-sized.
Title Page Tulip Flip Book; By: (student's name)
Page 1 The tulip bulb.
Page 2 The parts of the tulip bulb. >>
Page 3 Planting the tulip bulb.
Page 4 The tulip bulb slept all winter. >>
Page 5 The tulip bulb emerges from the ground.
Page 6 The tulip bulb blooms.
Page 7 Picture of student with blooming tulips and centimeter measurement.

I cut and placed the labels and a glue stick in plastic baggies, one for each child.
Each book is made using 3 sheets of printer paper.
  • Fold all paper in half.
  • The cover page can be decorated.
  • The title page is the next sheet.

The students and I worked together to put them in order starting with the cover. Next we glued labels into the book and numbered the pages.
Students then drew pictures to match their labels.
The last page was a digital picture of the student with the tulips.

"We also included a picture of each student with their blooming tulips."

Also included on this page was their centimeter measurement of the tulip that they measured.

  • I used the diagram from the website with the cross section of the tulip. We actually did a cross section in class and labeled the parts so my students were already familar with this, however this part could also be drawn and labeled.
  • I included a small rectangle of felt for the students to cover their tulip bulb.