Track changes in season and climate across the globe. Join students across the Northern Hemisphere in planting a Journey North Test Garden.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 Before You Plant
Tulip Bulbs
  • REGISTER for Journey North
    Registration is free.
  • ORDER Tulip Bulbs
    Purchase new Red Emperor Tulip bulbs each year. Some discounts apply.
  • EXPLORE Fall Lessons
    Plan pre-planting inquiry-based activities.
Step 2 Plant Your Garden
Plant Your Garden

Step 3 Report Your PLANTING Date
Plant Your Garden


  • REPORT to Journey North
    After planting, report your garden to Journey North.
  • SEE YOUR GARDEN on the map.
    When you report, your garden appears on the map!
Step 4 Report Your EMERGE and BLOOM Dates
In the spring, report from your garden twice:
when your tulips
Tulips Emerging Report
when your tulips
Plant Your Garden

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