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Thinking Like a Scientist
Infographics presenting essential questions are found in every Tulip Garden News Update. Use them for challenging students to look at the global picture using news, maps, data, climate, and geography.

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Spring 2017
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January in the Test Garden
January 11, 2017
Maps and Emergence
February 8, 2017
Our Garden Profile
Journal Journal Journal
Spring's Progress
February 15, 2017
Clues for Predicting
February 22, 2017
Observing and Recording
March 1, 2017
line of emergence snow and tulips Journal
How Our Garden Looks Today March 8, 2017 Plants and Freezing Temps
March 15, 2017
You're the Scientist
March 22, 2017
Journal Journal parts of flower
Botany of a Flower
March 29, 2017
Form and Function
April 05, 2017
Art and the Flower
April 12, 2017
Journal Journal Journal
Tulips: A Survival Tale
April 19, 2017
Tulips and Frost Damage
April 26, 2017
May 3, 2017
Keep a Tulip Garden Journal
Exploring the Seasons
journal cover seasons update analysis Journal
Journal Cover Seasons in Our Garden
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