Latitude and Spring's Arrival
Case Study at 45 Degrees North

Use this case study as a spring board to your own research. Study gardens along any latitude line to investigate the question, "Does spring truly move northward?"

Does Spring Truly Move Northward?
Grab your tulip journals and let's gather some information to investigate the question.

Tulip gardeners along the 45 degrees North latitude line have volunteered to help. Each of these 5 gardens is almost exactly the same distance from the Equator. If spring does, in fact, move northward, then can we predict the gardens should all emerge at about the same time along this line from East to West?

Click on each garden location to read a description of the garden site. After reading about the climate and geography of each place, discuss whether you and your classmates agree that seasonal change will arrive (tulips will emerge) at the same time in all the gardens.

If you think the tulip gardens will emerge at different times, predict the order the gardens will emerge. Keep your eye on the map this spring to see if your predictions are correct!

Click each garden on the map to read about the site.