Update: March 14, 2013
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Over 30 test gardens have reported emerging tulips since March 1st. As tulips emerge in many places, other regions are still waiting. When your tulips emerge, how will you document growth?

Today's Report Includes:

Image of the Week
Sprouting Up
Photo: Jolene Slonac
Sprouting Up!
News: Emerging and Growing

Green triangles continue to sprout up on the maps! Many observers measured their growing plants and shared these exciting details in their reports.

First for England
Students at Long Eaton School reported,"Our tulips have emerged here in Derbyshire! Today we had heavy snowfall and cold, icy winds. Let's hope spring is on its way!" 03/11/13

Emerging in Virginia
Third graders in Arlington reported, "We're excited to see that our tulips have emerged. We measured and found that our plants were 4 cm." 03/05/13

Emerging in Illinois
Fifth graders in Chicago reported, "Approximately 75% of our tulips emerged on the east side of the school building. We don't know about the north side because the beds are still covered with snow. Our east side plants are about 1-2 cm." 03/12/13

Blooming in California
First graders in La Jolla observed, "We saw our first tulip bloom today! The tulip is one of 25 that we planted. It was red and 12.5 cm tall." 03/11/13

Still Waiting
A look at the map reveals that some regions are still waiting for tulips to emerge. How many more gardens do you think will report emerged tulips by
the end of March?

Emerged and GrowingPhoto: Beth Prange
Emerged and Growing

Tulip Map
First for England

snowy garden
Still Waiting

Explore: Documenting Growth
Keeping a growth chart can help you document the exciting events you observe as your plants emerge and grow. Record dates for emerged tulips, first leaves that measure 10 centimeters tall, first signs of red on buds, first flowers that bloom, and more.



Measuring Growth
Photo: Gayle McGehee
Growth Chart
Wonder: Ask the Expert
What questions do these tulip images spark? Capture your questions and submit them to our Tulip Garden Expert, Dr. Mary Meyer.

Ask the Expert Will be Open
March 15 - March 29, 2013

tulip gallery
Photo Gallery
The Maps: Test Gardens

In today's Journal, compare last year's warm conditions and early emerging tulips with this year's snow and cold. Predict when tulips will start to emerge in places that are still waiting.

tulip map


tulip map
(North America)
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