Update: January 9, 2014
By Mary Hosier
Please Report
After You Plant:
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Get ready to track the greening of spring! Gather your observations, data, maps, questions, and experiments in a journal as seasons change at home and across the globe.

Today's Report Includes:

Image of the Week

Photo: Elena Grigorouk
Winter in Russia

Journal: Local and Global Studies

Explore the journal handouts to document local seasonal changes and global factors influencing plant growth across the Northern Hemisphere.

Science Notebooking

Spotlight: Share Your Observations

Put a star on the map by reporting your weather and garden conditions. Click on the stars to read what's happening in other test gardens across the globe.

What to Report

Explore: Maps

Across the Northern Hemisphere, there are over 380 tulip test garden sites. More gardens will be planted this week in warm climates. When and where do you think we will see the first signs of bulbs emerging?

tulip map

Journal Handout

tulip map
(North America)
The Next Update Will Be Posted on February 6, 2014.