Fall Is Here! Plant Your Bulbs While You Still Can.

October 3, 2019 by Team Journey North

Don't forget to report you Tulip Test Garden to Journey North.

“Perfect weather for planting tulips! 23 third graders planted 23 tulips in a 4 ft. X 4ft. garden bed.” Report submitted by Lauren (Littleton, CO; 10/02/2019)

Thirteen (13) Tulip Test Gardens have been planted and reported to the Journey North map. Two gardens are in Canada and 11 are in the U.S. From Saskatoon in Canada to Minnesota and Colorado in the U.S., students and teachers are taking advantage of the last few sunny, warm days of fall to plant their Journey North Tulip Test Gardens. 

From Saskatoon, SK: Kerri and her students “planted the tulip bulbs today in Saskatoon. The temperature is 20 degrees Celsius and it is a sunny day. The low tonight will be 9 degrees Celsius.” (09/23/2019)

From Shakopee, MN: Marta reported “50 fourth graders…planted tulip bulbs on a hill next to the school. It was a very cloudy day with a slight breeze. We added a bit of water to each bulb and hoped for more rain over the weekend. We were happy to find worms in the soil as we dug the holes. Now the waiting begins!” (09/27/2019)

From Afton, MN: Josh thanked “Open World Learning 7th graders for getting the tulips in the ground! We’ve planted two sites at Belwin, located in Afton, and we’re planting a few sites at Saint Paul Public School building in the city of St. Paul. We are excited to learn if the urban heat island has any effect on the tulip emergence and/or blooming times this coming spring!” (09/27/2019)

From Millinocket, ME: Laura described the day as “a chilly morning for the sixth grade students…to venture out to plant their tulip bulbs. They were not deterred by the cold and with the precision of young horticulturists carefully planted 36 tulip bulbs.” (09/30/2019) 

Keep planting!