Fall is Here – Plant Tulip Bulbs While You Still Can

October 8, 2020 by Team Journey North

Join participants across North America in planting a Journey North Tulip Test Garden this fall. Next spring, when tulips emerge and bloom, gardeners will report their observations and data.

“Fourth graders at Sun Path Elementary planted bulbs on Oct. 1 and 2. We had cool, windy, cloudy weather. We observed many worms, ants, and slugs in our soil. It has not rained for a while so we made sure to bring our water bottles.” Photo: Marta (10/02/2020; Shakopee, MN)

Plant Your Tulip Test Garden

Journey North recognizes that many schools continue to provide remote learning opportunities for their students. While buildings remain closed, educators are wondering how they can still participate in Journey North’s Tulip Test Garden. Like you, Journey North is offering hybrid opportunities.

If you can plant a tulip test garden at your school, please register and have your school garden located on our Journey North Tulip Test Garden map.

There are now 13 Tulip Test Gardens planted. Welcome!

Grace in Atlanta, GA: “Tulips were planted on a sunny day in a flower bed.” (10/01/2020)

Wiebke in Columbiaville, MI: “Marked [bulbs] with red spoons and forks. Placed in chicken wire baskets and covered with chicken wire to protect from squirrels. Covered chicken wire with mulch.” (10/03/2020)

Bridget in Kanorado, KS: “We received our red emperor tulip bulbs in the mail today and planted them this afternoon. We are so excited to see them come up in the spring.” (10/05/2020)

Tulip Gardens Come In All Shapes and Sizes

If access to school yards is restricted, educators can still work with students. Students can plant one bulb or many bulbs in a pot on their windowsill or in their backyard. Educators can work with students remotely to share the wonders of planting a tulip test garden. If students are under the age of 13, they will need to work with an adult to register with Journey North and to enter the location of their tulip garden.

Hybrid Options In Focus

This year, Journey North partnered with Nutrients for Life Canada in their efforts to promote project-based learning. Journey North looks forward to welcoming these 25 participating classrooms to the Journey North Tulip Test Garden Project. Read more about Nutrients for Life Canada’s Bulbs to Blooms classroom program:

Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada is a registered charitable organization committed to bringing educational materials to the classroom, focusing on soil science and agricultural sustainability. The Foundation piloted a Bulbs to Blooms classroom program to offer bulbs to 25 classrooms from coast to coast.  This program was successful because of our partners, Vanco Farms, Scotts Canada, The Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association, and Journey North. The kits were well received, and every province and every grade level are participating this year. The kits included bulbs, bone meal, teacher guide, and science curriculum outcomes in both official languages. Bulbs make an excellent classroom activity as they grow and flourish within the same school year. If you would like to learn more about our Foundation and resources, please visit www.nutrientsforlife.ca