Winter is Near – Plant Your Tulips Soon!

November 13, 2020 by Team Journey North

Join participants across North America in planting a Journey North Tulip Test Garden this fall. Next spring, when tulips emerge and bloom, gardeners will report their observations and data.

“Fifth Graders at Latin School of Chicago planted 74 tulips on a nice autumn day on October 20. Half of the tulips we planted as controls, and half of the bulbs we planted were for our test garden.” Photo: Beth (Chicago, IL; 10/20/2020)

Plant Your Tulip Test Garden

Journey North recognizes that many schools continue to provide remote learning opportunities for their students. While buildings remain closed, educators are wondering how they can still participate in Journey North’s Tulip Test Garden. Like you, Journey North is offering hybrid opportunities.

If you can plant a tulip test garden at your school, please register and have your school garden located on our Journey North Tulip Test Garden map.

If access to school yards is restricted, educators can still work with students. Students can plant one bulb or many bulbs in a pot on their windowsill or in their backyard. Educators can work with students remotely to share the wonders of planting a Tulip Test Garden. If students are under the age of 13, they will need to work with an adult to register with Journey North and to enter the location of their tulip garden.

There are now 88 Tulip Test Gardens planted. Welcome!

June in Tustin, MI: “Planted 50 tulips in front of our barn. 68 degrees and sunny, a beautiful Michigan day.” (11/06/2020)

Barbara in Broken Arrow, OK: “I planted the 5 bulbs in my raised rose garden. It’s an open area by our pool, no trees around. Temp when planted: 55, sunny. Low tonight: 39. Heavy rain this morning.” (11/10/2020)

Rebecca in Prosperity, SC: “Today it is a humid 70 degrees. The rain is on the way from a tropical depression so we quickly planted our 34 red tulips. We tucked them in gently and said, “See you next Spring!” We are excited to participate and see what we can grow. Goodbye from Mrs. Cates’ class.” (11/10/2020)