Plant a Tulip Test Garden

October 25, 2021 by Team Journey North

There is still time to plant a Tulip Test Garden. This fall, join students and gardeners across North America in planting a Journey North Tulip Test Garden to monitor seasonal change in a scientific way. Next spring, when tulips emerge and bloom, participants will report their observations and data.

“We planted 21 red and yellow tulips in our Peace Garden. Good night tulips for 8 months!” Comment & photo: Amy in Minnetonka, MN (10/19/2021)

Plant Tulips and Track the Seasons

Join students and gardeners across North America in planting a Journey North Tulip Test Garden to monitor seasonal change in a scientific way. One garden at a time, the relationship between climate, geography, and the arrival of spring is revealed. 


There are now 27 Tulip Test Gardens planted. Welcome!

Angela in Ashland, OH: “Mrs. Roberts 2nd grade class of 17 students from Mapleton Elementary School planted 20 tulip bulbs in our tulip flower bed on October 13, 2021. It is a beautiful fall day with a temperature of 78 degrees and a sunny blue sky. The tulips were planted 5 inches deep and then covered with soil. The class is excited to see when the tulips will emerge.” (10/13/2021)

Stephanie in Faribault, MN: “It was a little chilly when the clouds rolled in, but we started out with some warm Autumn sunshine. Our kindergarteners had a blast learning how to use tape measures and rules to find an appropriate location and to space out the tulip bulbs in order to be included in the scientific study. We planted 20 tulips in total, and can’t wait to wait and watch for them to sprout and bloom. We’re hoping to implement a new plan to keep the deer from eating them all this year!” (10/15/2021)

Angie in Argyle RM, MB: “Tulips are planted! Students are excited to see the which colours the tulips will be when they start blooming in the spring.” (10/18/2021)

Plant Your Test Garden Soon and Report to Journey North!

Order and plant your bulbs soon as fall is here and winter is around the corner. Learn how to participate and order tulip bulbs in our step-by-step guide

Don’t forget to report your garden planting dates to Journey North!