Plant a Tulip Test Garden

November 7, 2022 by Team Journey North

There's still time to plant tulips! Join educators, students, and many other volunteers across North America in planting a Tulip Test Garden to monitor seasonal change in a scientific way. Next spring when tulips emerge and bloom, participants will report their observations and data. This project is a great way to spark curiosity about phenology.

Photo: Amy in North Kingstown, RI

Plant Tulips and Track the Seasons

Join educators, students, and many other volunteers across North America in planting a Journey North Tulip Test Garden to monitor seasonal change in a scientific way and explore the concept of phenology. One garden at a time, the relationship between climate, geography, and the arrival of spring is revealed. 

Fall Plantings

Many new gardens were planted in October. Welcome!

Cindy in Charlottesville, VA: “On Monday, October 24, the 5th grade scientists in Cindy’s class planted 12 Red Emperor tulip bulbs following the experiment constants. Monday was 75 degrees with a light breeze and sunny in the garden.” (10/24/2022)

Sarah in St Paul, MN: “70 tulips planted on West side of school. Along fence for courtyard. Away from the building.” (10/28/2022)

Jennifer in Ardmore, PA: “On a beautiful fall morning our kindergarten class planted 16 tulip bulbs in the school garden. We look forward to seeing tulips in the spring!” (10/31/2022)

Gardening Tips

Plant tulip bulbs in a common garden bed, or dig individual holes. A garden trowel or a bulb-planting tool is useful for planting bulbs individually. Watering is necessary for root development before winter. If dry weather persists, water thoroughly. Explore more gardening tips.

Still Time to Participate

Order and plant your bulbs soon as winter is around the corner. Learn how to participate and order tulip bulbs in our step-by-step guide

Don’t forget to report your garden planting dates to Journey North!