Plant Tulips and Track the Seasons

August 31, 2023 by Team Journey North

This fall, join students and gardeners across North America in planting a Journey North Tulip Test Garden. This project sparks curiosity and builds inquiry and investigation skills while monitoring seasonal changes in a scientific way.

Tulip Bulb Planting
Photo: Cherie in Midland Charter Township, MI

Fall Planting Season

Gardeners are getting ready to plant their tulips bulbs. Remember to report your fall tulip planting dates to Journey North. Next spring, when plants emerge and bloom, gardeners also will report their observations and data of each of these phenological events to Journey North.

Read more in our Step-by-Step Guide>>

Stay tuned for more Tulip Test Garden news during the fall season and look at our maps to see where tulips have been planted.

Tulip Test Garden Signs

Thanks to contributions from the Friends of the University of Wisconsin Arboretum, Journey North now has a garden sign for you to print and use in your Tulip Test Garden. We hope these signs help promote the study of seasonal change at your schools and in your communities. If possible, consider including your sign in the photos you take of your fall and spring tulip planting, emergence, and bloom date reporting to Journey North!

Print your Tulip Test Garden sign here>>