Starting to Emerge!

February 7, 2018 by Mary Hosier

While it still feels like winter across much of the continent some Test Gardens are beginning to emerge.

“How can this be??? It’s only January!!! We were thrilled to see the tops of their red heads. Wishful thinking that Spring is soon,” shares Kelly Fitzpatrick’s class in Buckley, Washington.

In a winter filled with up-and-down temperatures, freak snowstorms, and record rainfalls Test Gardens are emerging! A scattering of gardens are up from Washington State to Georgia. How will these tiny sprouts survive the cold? 

Utah: “I have never seen tulips this early by months. It’s been in the 40s to high 50s the last while. Some are coming up, most haven’t yet.” Reported on February 4th.

Washington: “We planted 25 bulbs but only 16 have emerged. They are about 3 inches tall.” Reported on January 25th.

Pennsylvania: “When we planted in November we predicted they might emerge in March, April or May. We spotted our tulip bulbs emerging February 5th!”

What has the greatest influence on garden emergence?  Is it your weather, or your climate? As winter turns to spring study maps to find clues for predicting when your Test gardens will emerge and bloom.