Science and the Garden

March 7, 2018 by Mary Hosier

Daylight is increasing in the Northern Hemisphere. Are there measurable effects in your garden?

“We counted tulips, measured the tallest one in each plot and marked locations of emerging tulips,” reported students from Short Hills, New Jersey on February 28th.

What Makes Plants Grow?

Scientists use many tools in their research. In the Test Garden students are measuring plants, recording temperatures, mapping, marking, and counting. Photosynthesis teaches us how light from the sun starts the reaction for plants to grow. Temperature maps help us to compare our garden location to others around the globe.

Emerging in Fickle March Weather 

New York: “Yesterday it was sunny yet chilly, I found at least 6 emerged tulips. Today it is 30 degrees, windy, and we have 6 inches of heavy snow. It’s a good thing I looked yesterday.” Reported from Groton, on March 1st.

Maine: “Our tulips have emerged. Expecting a big N’oreaster tomorrow, may have snow. Hope they will be OK.” Reported from Lincoln on March 1st.

First Bloomers

Test Gardens are starting to bloom! 

Alabama: “It was a blustery spring day, after many days of rain, when we ran out to see 5 of our tulips blooming! All 50 tulips have emerged!” Reported from Hartnell on March 2nd.

Exploring Factors Affecting Plant Growth