Report How Fast Your Tulips Are Emerging!

February 27, 2019 by Team Journey North

With March just around the corner, tulips are starting to emerge and grow.

“We are so excited to see our tulips coming up!” St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School, Lufkin, TX (01/28/2019)

Tulips Emerging

Tulips are emerging slowly but surely across the southern regions of the U.S.

Hamden, OH: ”The sprouts are red at the tip and green toward the bottom…The tallest one was 2.5 cm tall. Some were just barely breaking the ground. It is a cold, very windy day. It’s partly sunny. It is 33 degrees. We checked at 1:45 pm..” noted Lauren. (02/13/2019)

Durham, NC: Cheryl and her students counted 194 of their 200 bulbs emerged. “This leaves us 4 tulips underground out of 200. Wow!” exclaimed Cheryl. (02/18/2019)

Tracking Change

Study the map to see where there’s action!

Inspire students to think and act like scientists as they observe seasonal changes in the garden. Use notebooking sheets to record soil temperatures, measure growth, and draw and describe the garden. Provide a workplace where  they can document discoveries and record questions.