Time to Celebrate All Our Tulip Test Gardeners

May 22, 2019 by Team Journey North

Final Report For Spring 2019

“Today’s sunshine finally made the blooms emerge.” Photo by: Catherine (Scarborough, ME; 05/17/2019)

Lessons in the Garden

There has been such excitement this spring as Test Gardens emerged and bloomed across the U.S. and Canada. Just this past week, there have been reports of tulips blooming (finally!) from Alaska, U.S. to New Brunswick, Canada.

Our Journey North Gardeners learned about the impact of weather on tulip emergence and bloom times. Indeed, snow is still falling in northern regions of the U.S. and in some Canadian provinces. Yet, tulips are blooming.

Our Tulip Test Gardeners have have learned about geography by examining Journey North maps. Some gardeners have also learned hard lessons about deer and rabbits who love to eat tulips. Keep up the good work and think about what will happen to all the tulip test gardens during the summer months. 

Form Saint Paul, MN: Kelli reported, “Our tulips finally bloomed after the 8 inch snow cover melted from the last storm.The tulips were 11 inches tall. Some of the tulips were eaten.” (05/01/2019)

From Miramichi, New Brunswick: Lisa recorded, “It was a cool, but sunny day when we went out and noticed that 3 of our tulips had bloomed! There are all emerged and there are lot more that are ready to open. They are a beautiful red colour. We are expecting snow tonight and tomorrow! We hope the others will still bloom!” (05/13/2019) more

From Aurora, IL: Elizabeth exclaimed, “What a wonderful Monday morning greeting!” (04/22/2019)

From Midvale, UT: Alison commented, “We had some late snow, but these beautiful tulips bloomed fabulously!” (04/18/2019)

Watch the Journey North website for the last of the gardens to report in, and have a great summer!

Only a couple gardeners have yet to report in for this spring season.

Keep watching the map. See you all in the fall.